My Ex Is a Vampire and Her Mom Is Lucy Liu.

Date: 1/18/2017

By Fitful

I was about to move in with my ex girlfriend Laura, in the dream she and I had never dated yet and I was in high school and she was a teacher there. High school was almost over, a few more weeks at most. I was to move in with her in a few days. I was super excited but also nervous. I was living at home currently, with my sister and brother and grandpa. He was acting strange. He had taken to wearing this coin pouch on his hip, and acting like he was in the mafia. I ended up confronting him, telling him he looked like a bookie, and he said he was a bookie. Apparently in the dream it was a very obvious mafia money moving position. Dangerous too. I was angry, asked him why he did it, and he said he was desperate to make people notice. The world had been over taken by aliens, they were controlling people and he wanted to call attention to himself, but the aliens kept covering it up. The only way he could do that was by flinging money around, he flung quarters out of his pouch in emphasis. There was a scene with my sister doing just that, stopping him from doing something the aliens controlling them didn't want. I knew that a bunch of people were being controlled by aliens, it was common knowledge, I just didn't know it was that bad. Laura lived nearby, about a few blocks from my current house. I was often over at her place, we hung out, she loved to have me there. I would look through her jewelry, gaudy stuff she never wore, and she would lounge on the bed. She was inherently sexy but we never did anything. I was going crazy waiting. I found a jade skull necklace I had given her but she never wore. I felt bad she never wore it. I think maybe I thought she was waiting until I was 18? But it slowly became clearer as the dream progressed, little conversations with her, that she was intent in taking me in as a guardian not as a lover or partner. However Laura had turned me into a Vampire so I belonged to her. I just hadn't taken blood yet, so it wasn't for sure. She was waiting for me to, really encouraging me to, but I was reluctant to drink blood because of the morality. At school there were a few exercises, one with the names of all the kids in the class on them, and the first time we played it it went alright, the second time it pissed me off. I snapped out loud in class. Laura told me it was just because of the day that I was mad, if it had been Thursday I wouldn't have gotten​ angry at all. I actually agreed. I was always set right in front of the teachers desk, she was very keen to keep me close. She and I were close just not in the way I thought we were. I finally figured it out, because she asked me if I was ready to move in with her, had everything taken care of, was I seeing anyone? As if this was a parent or guardian figure inquiring after my life and the preparations. I got upset over that and protested like a teenager. “Can we not talk about this right now?“ I whined like I was embarrassed to to be talking about this stuff with her at school in front of the class, and it actually was in front of the class, the entire class could hear, we were chatting at Lauras desk, they were taking a test. I said it twice. I actually was horrified she didn't see me that way, didn't love me, and instead wanted to mother me, or at least act like a big sister or a sire. I was so horrified and sad I almost didn't want to go through with the move. It was still an option to live with grandpa I thought in my angst. Then I determined to tell her, it wasn't how I wanted to live my life, lying about my feelings, or mire myself in unrequited pining. There was another scene at Laura's home, which also merged with her office, and I had been spinning in a black computer chair there only to find myself spinning in a black chair in her home while she lounged on the bed. Her mother was there and she was Lucy Liu. I was blown away by her mother's sexiness. Her body was perfect. She wore this amazing dress. (How Laura who is African American could have an Asian mother didn't occur to me until I woke up. Maybe she was her vampire mother. ) Her mother was going though a closet looking for a Halloween costume. She was both a werewolf really, and dressing up like one for Halloween. This black sweat suit, with werewolf additions done perfectly to taste and so cute. She kept making lewd allusions to Laura and mine relationship, something Laura kept shutting down. Laura didn't see us like that, but did see me as hers. The line there blurred but never went the way I wanted it to. Lucy Liu asked if I had taken blood yet, and Laura said no. Her mother scolded her for not pushing me but I knew Laura's reasoning. She wanted me to chose of my own free will. According to her mother vampires had once eaten these fake humans they created but got tired of the taste and switched to eating regular humans. It was this caviler attitude towards humanity which made me hesitate to take blood.