Patrick Relapse

Date: 9/5/2019

By DreamWeirdo

I had a dream that started with the fact that I never got a response from my friend Patrick. I knew in my gut that he relapsed. I was trying everything in my power to figure out if he relapsed. It was hard. I didn’t want to reach out to him because I already did. I went over to the place where he was last seen. Marquese came out of his house and he was a little wasted. I kept entertaining his behavior for a bit. I relapsed a day before but pretended like I didn’t. I kept waiting to ask him about Patrick. It was frustrating. I finally got an answer as he told me it got crazy last night with him. I kept playing it cool so I can get more information out of him. I finally left and went back to the parking lot. I saw a girl there that looked familiar. I woke up.