The burnt girl

Date: 3/18/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

My mom was driving me(there was also my sister in the car) to a place which entrance was quite similar to the ARM mixed with Libia. When I arrived I went downstairs. There was a room with narrow horizontal windows and a big one on its left. There was a big table, enclosed in the walls and also a door on the left of the room. The other side was dark. There were a lot of people with burns, I showed em mine and I also had a strange one on my chest that was flat. I talked mostly to a girl wich had a sever burn from the cheekbones to her chin on her face that looked like smallpox and another one who looked like a friend of Michela which had small burnt spots on her face. They were all drinking water. I spent some time with them then I left with my father who was holding an ipad while driving and looked at an anime which suddenly stopped its audio. There are some details that I do not remember of what happened in that place.