Masked party

Date: 6/11/2017

By awalker406

There was jig saw puzzle on a table, that was in complete. I try to solve this puzzle but even tho the pieces of the puzzle fit, the picture didn't match and was all over the place. I disassembled the puzzle completely and start again but the images on the jig saw pieces changed. Trying to get the image right this time and the pieces didn't fit to the images. "What I am doing wrong?" I said to myself. Next scene: I was at a masked party, everyone dressed smart and looked amazing. Everyone was dancing with each other and in sync. It was really impressive. A red ballon randomly appeared next to me, with a note attached. I untangle the string of the ballon that was holding on the note and the red ballon floated away into the sky. I open the note and I couldn't make sense of what the message said because the ink started to drip of the words and began to fade quick. I had a feeling that I was suppose to meet someone here and they were waiting for me. I began to walk around, to search for whoever was waiting for me. As I continue to search more and more people started to reduce their space and became closer together. Their masks also began to change into a devilish facial expression and they all started to look at me. I stop in my tracks and start to feel uncomfortable. "I shouldn't have come here. I need to leave" I said to myself. I turned around and all the couples were right in my face with animated devilish masks, laughing at me. I push my way thru the crowds and try to escape. As I did my mask melted of my face, showing my true identity. I manage to reach a door. I open the door and fell into darkest. Eventually I landed in a pool of red balls. Next scene: I was on a beach, sitting in the sand all alone, looking out into the calm ocean. A child appeared next to me and said if I could help him build a sand castle. "Sure" I reply. We built a huge sandcastle together. It was really impressive! "One day I'm going to live in a castle like this" the boy said. I agreed to him that he will. He smiled and said "I have to go now, my mum needs me". I waved him my goodbye. The sandcastle disappeared and I sat back down on the sand, looking out to the ocean.