Amusement Park Rescue

Date: 2/23/2017

By amdaltrail

My family decides to go to a large amusement park somewhere, complete with nature trails and exotic zoo. As we explore the park, out of no where it begins to flood. People act as if nothing is happening though. I watch as cars drive through the high water and people skirting the edges as if it's a small obstruction and not a deadly force of nature. Somehow I get a dirt bike and escape to the zoo section of the park. Here the people are afraid of the waters and are trying to save the animals. As I explore the 'ark' of rescued animals, a man asks if I will take a baby moose with me. The moose is as large as a great dane and looks as cute as a button, but I tell them I can't since we don't have enough room in the house. As I look outside, I see my SO walking towards the 'ark' with a large dog, an Irish wolfhound, searching the area for, I guess, me. I tell the man that I can't take care of the moose, and he cries tears of joy. He wanted to take the moose home. I wish them good luck and go to my SO. He tells me he found the dog wandering around the park. It's a friendly dog and very loving. We take it home, and the dog begins to cuddle and give us kisses. I ask the dog to stop, and he goes into the hall and sits, pouting with his big puppy eyes. then I wake up.