Date: 9/7/2019

By SagittariusDreamer

A few things happened in my dream. We came into town, it was kinda like some camping thing. The first people I saw were beautiful boys (or other) who were in full makeup. After contemplating for a bit, I complimented them, then went into our cabin that we ended up sharing with them. I don't remember seeing them throughout the rest of the dream. I vaguely remember something about music, someone having died and ended up having their body dumped in the middle of the road from a truck. A part I do remember is cursing at my sister because we were with our grandma, who had cooked some Spanish rice for dinner. My sister ate some of the rice, went to lay down for a while, then came back out with an attitude and crying about being hungry. I cursed her out about being an asshole and making our grandma upset with her actions. She went from crying and bratty to still upset and trying to joke around with me. I practically told her to fuck off and that if she didn't get her shit together, either she was leaving or I was. She refused to get her act together, so I started leaving.