I was Santa Claus

Date: 2/25/2019

By ShadowOwl

I was with my brother and I wanted us to do something like watch a movie at home. We took the dogs out and it had started to rain. I asked what he wanted to watch but he said and he was having a friend and his girlfriend over. They came over and i was looking through the movies to watch alone. There were a lot of unopened children movies and I wondered if i had got them as a kid but never opened them. There was a time skip and my brother shooed his friend out. Apparently it was Christmas eve and I was Santa so I needed to get going. I put on the suit and a fake beard and I, along with my brother and his girlfriend, went out to the sleigh. I could fly by myself and also erase memories which I used on the parents a few times. Eventually I was done and it was my brother's job to finish the other houses. With only the hat on, I went to a really large fancy house. It was a foster home for kids with powers like me. I went in and the kids and parents were happy to see me. I flew around a bit until the mom pointed out that I had a lot of injuries. I looked in the mirror and I had a decent number of cuts and bruises. The mom went to go get some bandaids and I woke up after I put one on the cut on my face.