Train kidnapping

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

It wasn't exactly a nightmare, but I was happy to know it was only a dream when I woke up. I was on a train, I think, with my mom and a girl named Kendall with black hair and glasses I met at the Girls Can Construction Camp the week before I had this dream. I got onto the train with my mom, and the seats on the train were like booths. They were all gray. After the train was full, and we started going, a man came out. He made us all do things like hurt each other with prods (which turned out to be screwdrivers and small brooms (me and Kendall got the brooms because we talked to the man nicely, so he gave us those so we wouldn't have to stab our family / friends / strangers on the train)). The man handed out everyone's "prods" and told us to hurt eachother with them, and that he would be back to make sure we were actually drawing blood. Everyone was hesitant when he first left to stab their neighbors, but the eventually started letting eachother get poked over and over by everyone else. Me and Kendall just tapped people with the brooms, (because how were we supposed to draw blood with small handheld brooms used to clean out vehicles?). I woke before he came back.