Date: 6/30/2017

By DreamX227

I was in my second period class and we were in groups. I remember sitting next to this guy, which I assume he was my friend, and he was wearing a red cap. we were talking and then he randomly put his hand behind my neck and started pulling my head forward to his face. I didn't do anything to resist the action he was doing, I just kept on talking. He ended up just letting go and class had begun. Later on we were dared to act like we were going out. I avoided him all so that wouldn't have to act. I was in gym class and I remember being with my friends on top of thr bleachers and I was telling them that I had felt bad. I was looking around and I saw him at the bottom of the bleachers with his friend, and he was looking my way but then he turned away and starts to talk to his friend. And I did the same. later on he had came up to me and have me a gummy bear and left. I felt so happy about it and felt bad. I went down after him. I went down and and kissed him. Then I woke up.