to the moon

Date: 3/4/2017

By megan_1213

I had a dream me and my sister were outside during the day but we could see the moon. I said I'm going there one day and my sister said "yah right I'd like to see you try". I said I will and out of no where I just took off flying to the moon. I didn't have a space suit and no rocket, I just took off. I remember looking around and seeing I eventually made it to space and stopped for a moment to look at earth. I've never seen something so amazing, it was beautiful. I eventually made it to the moon and I found little toys that were dinosaurs and dogs. I don't really know why. I took them and came back to earth and my sister was still standing outside she said "wow you really did it". I showed her what I found. She really wanted to go so I made a space ship out of no were so we could go. We took off and made it back to the moon. I'm not sure what happened but I know when we came back to earth I woke up. I think I had this dream because I've been looking at the moon and stars and telling myself no matter what one day I'm gonna make it to the moon. It's just one of those things I really want to do. My grades say otherwise but I know I'll make it there one day even if it just seems like a dream.