Pokémon Go Camp

Date: 5/19/2017

By DumbreonDreams

My best friend and I were at some sort of summer camp and everyone there was super into Pokémon Go. Every night at this camp the leaders of each of the three teams of the game (Instinct, Valor, and Mystic) would have a huge battle in this arena and could only use the Pokémon that the team members had caught the day before. After they battled people would rush out of the arena to go get all of the Pokéstops and gyms that were on the island that the camp was on. My friend and I both ran out of the arena as well and I was getting super into playing Go but didn't have a phone so it was kind of like playing Go with the A.R. on all the time. Anyways, my friend and I played a lot like you'd expect and when we got back to the cabins Spark (the leader of Instinct) was there to congratulate me on how many Pokémon I had caught and how much of a help I'd be at tomorrow's battles. Then he gave me a Zapdos pin and I woke up after that.