Date: 2/21/2017

By sound-board-controls

I was working with two other people and we're trying to catch two kids for dealing drugs (and potential rape). They got a solid story - no holes that would cast reasonable doubt. This is my first UC mission but I initially meet a few people with the two other people I'm with - one of them plays as my pimp and the other is another girl he's pimping out. I'm told to connect with the kid at the pool (Connor maybe?). I met up with him, flirt a little and when he goes to the bathroom I look into his phone for his number and for any incriminating details - which I don't end up finding, resulting in is going further UC. He comes back, I leave. I then go and meet up with the rest of my team to find that they all had similarly poor luck. Then we decide to go further UC. Before we start to get ready I send Connor a text that introduces me as a hooker but says he doesn't have to pay and that I want to hook up after he finishes swim. He accepts and I start to get ready. Once I'm finishing up he calls and tells me where to meet up and tells me it's good I contacted him because he was horny and dtfaf and also mentions that it's weird because my number was already in his phone (flashback to me putting my number in when I was going through his phone). I panic for a second and then quip that "I feel like everyday there's a part of siri that's new to me, haha!" Before I leave I'm told in exact words to do anything he wants/anything that will convict him "until he arches his back" (I wake up, look on Tumblr for a while and watch trouble in the heights and fall back asleep) So the drug bust is a bust and I have to run so I run to this like Latinx mobile home complex. Apparently within/under these Latinx homes there is this secret agent base that I go to. there I meet Leo Valdez (who apparently showed up like, right before me), Bissy, Adri, Clare and like 2 other kids I didn't know. In this base there was a training facility sort of VR thing for power suits. Each person has different powers based on their suit, personality and needs. Everyone was doing really poorly on the civilian protection aspect of it and I was worried that everyone thought I would fail because I'm a slytherin that needs to be concerned about others - one of the kids I don't remember was there in the corner and I remembered him don't really well so I asked him for help and I ended up getting one of the best scores. before the next test I wanted to thank the kid and also get a snack when on my way I saw a pregnant Rottweiler who looked like she was in a lot of pain. I took her outside and helped calm the mama down while she gave birth - I also held the first puppy as soon as he was born. everyone wanted to name them fin and Flynn and get rid of them ASAP but I liked them and insisted that I kept them.