public humiliation

Date: 4/19/2019

By sarahlo

i shower up to school for my first day of junior year. scotty and i had english together. we opened with a prayer. i said prayer isn’t allowed in school, but the kids said they watched a video saying it was before i got there. annoyed, i left. i stormed out of the building and started walking home. school officials caught up to me. a teacher held a deck of cards and told me to pick one. confused, i chose one. the words on the card were intentionally vague, but i knew it was a punishment card, and my punishment was public humiliation at prom. i said i wasn’t gonna to do that, threw the card on the ground, and went back to school. the teacher insisted i had to do it, so i threatened to tell my mom. i told my mom, who was appalled at the school policy and said i didn’t have to undergo public humiliation at prom.