Horrific Nightmare~ The Brutal Massacre of an African Family

Date: 8/20/2017

By fluffytree

Haven't had many dreams lately although I did have a couple the other day but simply felt too lazy to jot them down. Today though I had a nightmare that I believe I've had before only it was more gruesome and detailed. I still feel so disgusted and emotional from it that I feel like crying now. Well let's start from the beginning... It started off with me sitting down as I am now listening to the story of an old African man tell of his horrific past and what happened to him as well as his family decades ago. I've heard this story before in other dreams and feel like maybe he forgot he's told me already, but I listen anyway out of respect. As he's telling the story I am transported back to about 45 years ago in a very arid and empty locale in the African desert where he and his family were going for a walk down a dirt road. He looked more more than 37 perhaps, had a wife and 3 daughters. The oldest was about 16, then 11, and finally the youngest was 8. I can't remember why they were walking this road that was known to be dangerous due to thieves, gangs and the most deplorable human beings, but he apparently had no choice. He needed to take this road to get his family to a new home and also to feed them as they hadn't eaten in days. The sun was so hot and the air shimmered all around us. I could feel as if my skin was going to begin melting due to the searing power of the sun's rays. I'm with them simply as myself but simply appear as a guest they are taking along with them. But we started down the known treacherous road only no one seemed to be around thankfully. If we could just make it to the end everything will be okay. So we walk about half a mile with no issues until we hear the sound of a vehicle coming up behind us. We look back to the a truck caravan with several men on it brandishing automatic rifles. Who knows if they were a gang, thieves, or perhaps workers of the local government because yes, the government was just that corrupt here, but it didn't matter cos clearly they were dangerous. The father yells for all of us to run and take cover especially his daughters, but the youngest panics and runs off separately from us into the off road desert. One of the men I notice briefly ducks into the vehicle only to come back out holding a bigger weapon although I'm not sure what it is from this distance. Upon closer inspection I realize it's a missile launcher. "Shit, Shit! SHIIIIT!! RUUUUN!!! FIND SOME COVER!!" I yell to everyone and especially to the kid but upon looking back I see the missile leave the weapon and head directly in her vicinity. Next thing I know there's an explosion causing a huge plume of dust to go up in the air. I witnessed the girl become nothing but a bloody mush that went off like a bomb into the air before I saw the dust follow. It was too late and she was no doubt gone just like that. Upon witnessing this the family screams the most terrible scream I've ever heard. It was filled with despair, hopelessness, and shock like I've never heard before.. The father still gathers his family as he tries to protect them as best he can. The gunman shoots another but thankfully we all were able to find quick cover behind an ancient overturned truck partially covered in sand. We come out and the van is already on us. The men leap off and grab us and we know it's over now. Skip to maybe an hour later and we're all in the house we were originally trying to get to only 3 of the men from the truck are with us. The place is bare bones, having old, dusty and creaky wooden floors as well as barely any furniture. It would've been a godsend for the family though considering where they used to live. This place has actual plumbing and even an upstairs. It doesn't matter now though cos it'll be our graves in a matter of time. The wife is no where to be found but also I notice the 4th man is missing too. I can only imagine what he must be doing to her if he's not here. Me and the father are bound by our hands and feet in nylon rope sitting across from each other in the living room. We're also gagged too so we can't speak. I don't see what's the point since we're obviously in the middle of nowhere. No one would come for us even if we screamed our loudest cry for help. The 3 girls are upstairs cooking food in the kitchen for the men. Somehow the youngest is just alive again. Maybe I forgot she was horrifically murdered a little while ago, but I may have passed out at this point for a little bit, since I found myself waking up a little while later to find that I was no longer bound. I immediately go upstairs to take a peak to see how the girls are faring and they're still cooking only one of the men is standing directly behind the oldest while she whimpers just barely. I'm not sure what's going on at first until I see his hips slightly turn to reveal that his pants are partially down in the front and the girl's dress hiked up in the back. He's anally raping her while he watches them continue to cook and doesn't give a shit at all that the two younger sisters are right there watching the whole thing. The man truly must be the most disgusting and deplorable human being on the planet. I decide right then and there that he needs to be killed. There will be no mercy for him at all. I scream and rush out at him but something happens and I black out again. When I wake up I'm sitting at a table right outside the kitchen in a similar situation as I was in downstairs. I can't remember if I was bound but I can't move much. The girls are standing around the other end of the table watching me with a terrified look on their faces and the men are behind them with rifles pointed up. The 4th man is back but no sign of my wife. Also I realize at this point I am now the dad and my real life body is simply gone. The guy is sitting across from me talking and threatening me. I can't remember all his words but he needs information from me about a large cache of money hidden somewhere. That's what all this is about apparently. I tell him I have no idea what he's talking about but he doesn't believe me. He more forcefully asks and says if I don't give him what he wants he'll kill my daughters right in front of me and make them suffer the worst disgraceful kind of death. I want to tell him something but I really don't know anything. He gets impatient and stabs my right hand with a large knife. It goes straight in and pierces the wooden table too effectively and partially crucifying me to it. I scream in pain even though I feel none. On a psychological level it still painful though because I really feel like I might die here. Some time passes although I'm not sure how much. Nothing changes and the guy is still talking to me. There's an oily black liquid in various little pools on the table but I'm not sure what it was at first. I think it was my own blood though come to think about it. My girls are still alive but for how much longer I dunno. I'm losing hope rapidly and eventually I have nothing left. The man has had enough with me and slams my head onto the table. I can feel more blood coming from my head apparently and pooling around my face. It's warm. I can see my girls faces and I want them to be okay but I feel like they won't make it out of this nightmare. Everything I loved is gone. I haven't seen my wife in hours, not since this same man disappeared into one of the rooms with her. No doubt she must be dead. Likely he raped her first before he disposed of her as if she was literal human garbage. All I can hope for now is a quick death for all of us. He has the knife held over my head now and says something in an African language but naturally I don't understand. "Just get it over with and kill me please..." I say with what little strength I have left. Just then he plunges the blade into my skull. There is a pinching feeling and then nothing but black. That's when I realize I've died this way several times before in past dreams when I've been in this same situation. I never seem to make it out alive yet somehow through ridiculous dream logic, the man I became goes on to live into his 80s since he's the one that tells me this story every now and then. I wake up though feeling so horrible. All those feelings I had in the dream transferred right into the real world.