Disney honey grow

Date: 2/16/2017

By cullentaylor12

First I was in Disney world and was there for something special. We got pulled in on special boats. Nick Ragland was there. Alec said he was a bitch for bringing friends. I ordered honey pot and then didn't get any goodies on it. Olivia came out in a flannel and yoga pants because the B&B is flannel themed We were at Disney world and Murphy was smoking a cigarette. We met a man in a stairwell who was giving rides. He didn't take us. Murphy jumped into a pond and there was nice cars and blow up toys in it. Then we say and there was a huge wasp nest under the roof. Ortis had to run a race but accidentally brought shoes that "knock" and so she couldn't wear them. There was also a huge structure that Disney is building. We tried to ride but it didn't work out.