Dragon Battle & Powdered Blood

Date: 3/25/2017

By incurableflame

I had a dream that I was a small & very young dragon being hunted by a gigantic & ancient dragon. I was pretty weak and could only fly so far before having to rest, unlike the giant who seemed invincible. My only advantage was being able to hide well inside the ancient temple ruins in the mountains while he circled in the sky above and then peered in through windows and cracks. Fortunately, another slightly older dragon than me came to my rescue. He was just like me & no match for the big one. However, by consuming blood he grew stronger and bigger and could fight back. We decided to work as a team - I threw at him patches of red powder (which was apparently blood) whenever I had the chance, while he distracted the big dragon and tried to weaken him. I can't remember if we defeated it or not, the dream just ended abruptly for no reason, but last thing I know was that I knew we were definitely dealing damage.