Date: 4/9/2017

By teerific

Had a dream I was on the beach playing on the water. Mum had a house there and frequently told me not to go near the water, I was maybe 6 or 7 in the dream. The sky was always pink and orange and yellow, and the water was very dark. A tiny wave came so I ran into it, but the water suddenly jumped over my head and covered me. It was pitch black, and it felt like I was covered with a blanket, so I acted as if it were and started tearing it off of me. Scene change to me now as an 18 year old at the same exact beach. I seemed more confident around the water. At this point, each time a wave would draw back, it would take away everything in its path and leave behind this wall of sand that got bigger each time. I waited at the wall for the next wave to carry me up to the surface and back down. A man approached me. He was very tall, maybe 6'8", and was quite pear shaped. He was balding and had a bushy chest and tum, and he had very dark circles under his eyes as if he had drawn them on. "You're coming with me" he said. I started yelling for my mum, but barely. As if I were calling her normally. He quickly turned around as if he was going to let me go, but then faced me again as if he knew she wasn't coming. I ran towards a slope near the wall to go up to the surface The man punched a hole in the sand wall big enough for my head to fit and ran after me. I felt like 7 year old me again.