Piloting plane to an island

Date: 6/18/2017

By jameslecong

I was piloting an airplane, and landed it on a small island. It seemed to be a small plane since i was able to land it in a narrow place. Then I took it for another flight, and the way I controlled it was using "the power of the mind". I landed it on the roof of a nearby boat(which later made me doubt if it really was an airplane) I climbed into the boat, and it started moving so violently that the plane fell into the water(...) Later, the boat arrived at the opposite side of the river. I climbed in and ran since I was being chased by some soldiers. I ran into the toilet and decided to take a sh*t. The pursuers came in, and I used the hose (for cleaning) and attacked them. I successfully wiped them out, and left the wc. Then, I woke up....