Jail Time

Date: 5/9/2017

By itsliz

At some point I think that my dream started where I was at the bar as some other lady. I was just a little chubby with fluffy black hair, pale, I think a purple button up and red lipstick. The dream started out with me sitting at a low - lit bar and some guy approached and took a seat. The scene left off with me plating with my cup of possibly scotch and before I knew it I was going to go to jail and I was having a tough time. I don't know what I did to go, but the dream is about how I struggled and escaped thanks to two friends. I'm not sure how to start it out aside from believe I had bathroom cleaning duty. I don't know how long this went on for but I had made a friend who had dirt blonde hair and was tanned probably because she enjoyed being outside for "recess" since she probably exercised and was fit. It must have happened behind the scenes because I don't remember how it happened. It was like this for probably what felt like a month until a new friend showed up. She was new, but Mexican. She had black hair, tan skin, dark eyes, short, thin and was a firecracker. She didn't want to be in jail I think because of either a boyfriend or a son that she didn't want to lose, so she was antsy and had to get out. My bathroom duty wasn't alone because my new friend was with me. We were in a large warehouse that seemed to have crumbling walls with only an ancient looking stone sink and stone toilet all by itself. I can't remember words but she was telling me about how she couldn't stay and think she found a way out, and I think I didn't believe her and thought she couldn't possibly go against the fact she'd break the law again which doesn't help her case to go back home. Maybe it was the same day or later, but she had a plan and knew how to get out and was ready to go and needed me to cover her. I didn't know what to say but it seems as though I agreed. She went to go and grab a sledge hammer and ended up hitting then stone ground just in front of the sink on a line since it seemed to be on a tile. Somehow this was enough to let it be lifted up, since I helped her lift it up, and reveal a large hole in the ground. She bid me goodbye and invited me to go with her and went down the hole like it was a small covered slide. My other friend showed up and saw and was freaking out since a guard was coming. We slide the sink back on top even though I decided to escape, too. We saw the guard and talked a little over what I accomplished in cleaning today before he left. I told my old friend about what transpired and invited her to come with since I knew she also made friends with the new girl. She agreed to leave. We pulled the sink back and went down the hole and it wouldn't be long before they knew we went missing. When we popped up out of the hole, my new friend was waiting. We left and started walking on the street headed toward Los Angeles, confident we wouldn't be found so quickly. I don't know what happened next but the next scene is when we're walking over a hill and a large expanse of fields on either side of the road and sidewalk with yellow wildflowers and a blue sky and windy day, and my new friend runs up to us explaining they started to look and that we're not inconspicuous since they said to look for three girls wearing what we were wearing, which was a dark blue large tube top and bulky dark blue shorts with our black jacket uniform. We knew we had to ditch the clothes since it had the jail name on the back. Flash forward again to where we somehow managed to get new clothes and were in downtown and there is apparently a city - wide search for us. For some reason I'm Asian now, seems maybe South Korean, and my friends and I ducked into a very high end store where everyone was forced to sit up against a wall and wait to be identified. I don't remember how I did it, but it seems as though I got up and simply talked to an officer and seemed annoying enough that when he passed me, I simply sauntered out he door and was almost safe. My friends were with me until a cop stopped us and asked where I'm from since I look Korean and so did he. He didn't let me answer since he said he just met a girl who was Korean but only spoke English. I told him with an accent I speak some Japanese and Korean but I speak English and he seemed to have lost interest by the time I said "Japanese." We walked past him, now free for now. Next scene takes place in a large and nice neighborhood where the roads have a canopy above that made it very shaded and a tunnel in a way. We were going to go visit my new friend's family and we were enjoying the day and she went ahead. The atmosphere got tense and it felt like we were in trouble and we were wearing Attack On Titan uniforms and when I looked down the road I saw my friend running past and so I took off running but it felt as though I was moving really slowly so I was grabbing onto the ground trying to pull myself to go faster since I didn't want to lose my friend. It must have worked because we both met up at a yard with no trees. I jumped and apparently could fly a little as I flapped the cape I had from the outfit and gently glided down. The end of the dream comes as my friends talk and I stand there brainstorming over what to do to start life since I'm now a fugitive and can't go on using my old name and have no idea what to do because I can't be an MRI - tech anymore.