Help! Thoughts?? WOLF dream (PARALYSIS?)

Date: 8/23/2019

By whatdreamsaremadeof21

Please read and input your thoughts! I would love to have a second opinion. I found myself paralyzed in this dream, managed to wake up out of it (I’m positive on this), and fall right back into the same dream. The first half of this dream before I woke up: I am in the dark facing a giant silver/ black wolf. Huge with long, sharp teeth so real and straight out of a movie. We are staring at each other and I feel anxious. I feel as if this wolf is going to bite me, we are only about 2 feet apart, just staring face to face. I then realized I was dreaming and told myself to wake up out of this dream because it terrified me so badly. It was a struggle mentally but I managed to force my eyes open (barely) and caught myself staring at the kitchen island of our condo. (At the time I was on vacation sleeping on the pull out couch next to a kitchen in a condo) this was my indication that I knew I was awake because I was staring at the kitchen trying not to doze back off too soon. I felt paralyzed and the feeling of falling back asleep was hard to fight. After about what felt like a minute or two I allowed myself to go back to sleep knowing that I wouldn’t fall back into that same dream and hopefully sleep peacefully this time. Almost instantly I faded back into this dark place me and the wolf facing each other once again. I was panicked but couldn’t wake up this time, I didn’t want to show my weakness so I decided to use my fight or flight instincts and decided to use my hands to pry open the mouth of the wolf. In my mind I believed if I pry the mouth open and keep it open long enough the wolf can’t get the chance to attack and or bite me. Keep in mind this wolf have gigantic sharp teeth as it was a huge wolf. Instead what happened was the sharp teeth of the wolf sunk right through my hands, blood gushing everywhere, I start screaming but don’t stop fighting or prying the mouth open. I actually felt the pain in my dream that was shooting through my hands. I REALLY felt the pain which was so insane to me since I was clearly aware that this was a dream. I then wake up to the next day. My conclusion?? The pain in my hands might have been weak circulation by me resting my hands under my cheek. The wolf, not so sure? Any thoughts on this would be GREATLY appreciated!!