A few dreams

Date: 2/23/2019

By BradfordMinaj

I had a few dreams last night. Dream #1: I was watching a reality show about fergie and a scandal came out about her and she was mad because her husband couldn’t go to a event with her. Dream #2: There was a party at my house for some kid I didn’t even know and I remember talking to a few friends and then I asked my friend if there was any alcohol and he said yeah so I went into the kitchen and I saw my family sitting by the fridge so I tried to distract them while I got the alcohol. Dream #3: I went to my dad’s room and I saw that he had bakery cookies and I went to grab some but he told me I could only have two and then I went back to my room and watched YouTube and I watched a video about Avril Lavigne And the interviewer asked her if she did yoga with the devil and she said never and then she said that she writes down haunted locations of the cities they go to while touring.