Work, night time, Thomas and Kehlani.

Date: 4/11/2019

By Ether_Erebus

They changed a bunch of stuff. The rooms are much larger, there’s more workers. Kate’s basically running the place. I come into work at night time, there’s a bunch of new paperwork, the upstairs for she’s offices is much larger etc. Something happens in the now much larger girls room and Kate and I are staring at a vending machine where the treadmills used to be (that random wall) and there’s a machine which lets you put in a liquid of your choice (like a vitamin water) and it turns it into a slushy for you. Kate and I pick some random one that she likes and Eliana is behind us having a team meeting of sorts. When I’m looking back I see a Shrilankan man with disabilities who I speak to as a child and hold his hand and bring his to the front and try to get him home. For some reason I thought it was a closing shift so I tried to make everyone go home, but they didn’t. Daman was there and when I was trying to get everyone out I was yelling and she made a comment that emotionally hurt me (but it was about my being loud). I keep telling new people that we’re closed and this one fucking uncle keeps bitching about how he’s wanting to use the Sauna but hasn’t and now we’re kicking him out. I try to explain to him that we’re closed but he doesn’t want to listen. People don’t leave. Then fast forward a little and I realize it’s a weekday so we’re open 24h. Then Thomas comes into work to take the next shift and we go upstairs to the larger lounge area for employees. I tell him what happened and he’s like “wow, that’s a pretty good idea to be honest. It’s like 45 minutes of free money.” There’s some sort of time jump, somehow we fast forward a bit to him and I in bed. He’s laying on me, back is on my chest and He’s basically speaking about having sex but he looks back and says my boobs are too small. Then he talks about anal, and I’m like “no.” while I laugh. He gets off my chest and turns the other way on the bed. I was looking at my phone then, so I turn it off, turn towards him and turn him towards me. I grab his face and say quietly “You’re willing to throw away a lot for a single moment of pleasure” and he looks away for a second in deep thought and he’s upset but I keep holding his face and then I kiss him and get up. There’s a time jump and for some reason I’m still at work. We have two “front” desks and some girl comes up to me and asks me “what’s the 15 minute Amanda challenge” and I genuinely have no idea so I ask Thomas and he explains to the girl for me. Then it’s close to night time again and somehow I’m on WhatsApp video call with Kehlani. She’s like my best friend and we’re speaking to one another and I somehow made it home. And I ask her “Hey, do you want to meet my mom?” She doesn’t hear me but then I call her name a few times and I realize that the video’s laggy. I call her one more time and ask her and she replies “omg yes, let me see the woman who birthed you,” but something happens and our connection is broken. There’s multiple people trying to WhatsApp call me at once, my phone goes ballistic. Amneesh tried calling me and I keep clicking decline. There’s a time jump and then I wake up.