The OA

Date: 3/31/2017

By broadwayylmao

Okay so I binged the entirety of The Oa in like 2 days so it makes sense that I dreamt about it. I was apparently once a friend of Hap's who stayed at his house briefly without knowing about his experiments? Idk but one day I found out and I secretly kept a journal about it. He found out that I knew and I ran away as fast as I could. Once I had escaped, I boarded a ship to work there. My goal was to get as far away from him as possible, which was working until a waitress saw a girl using powers. It was Eleven from Stranger Things, who was also a captive of Hap's before and needed to keep close tabs on me. I figured since she was on board she was on his side, and I at first couldn't find my journal. But then I found it and told the waitress everything, and we were going to go to the FBI before I woke up.