Drunk and guys throwing bread on the subway

Date: 4/10/2019

By levinelover

I got drunk with Pariza and that group of friends in an apartment party and we all wanted to hang out downtown. I was on my way to the subway alone and drunk and Raiyan saw me there. He was exited to see me and we talked for a little while until I said I had to go downtown and got into the subway. I walked up looking if there were any hot guys on the subway I could talk too whirl I had this drunken confidence. I looked around and didn’t really see anyone, but there was this black teen around my age who noticed exactly what I was doing. He wasn’t my type so I definitely wasn’t gonna sit text to him and talk, but since I was found out I decided to just grab the handle that was above me and stay out until I found someone hot. These two white guys also around my age (20) started fighting at the very other end of the subway, I was at the other end. Then they started running towards my direction as they fought. I wasn’t worried at all cause the subway is soooo long there was barely anyway they’d actually even make it over here. To my total shock they actually did fight to the entire other end of the subway. I had to get out of their way so I wouldn’t get hurt. I sat next to the black guy cause he was the closest open seat hesitantly. I could feel him staring at me but I didn’t make eye contact, I just watched the two boys fight cause I love watching drama. One of them threw a giant loaf of bread against the wall of the subway car and it exploded into many pieces. The two guys kicked the flying pieces of bread and kicked them into smaller pieces until there were chunks and crumbs flying all over the place. I snapchatted what they were doing unbelieving I was catching something so crazy. There were two cute-ish white guys sitting in the seats behind me, and they asked if I could send them that video. I said of course, and saved it. I gave them my phone and told them to add my Snapchat. Once they added themselves the black guy next to me asked if I could add him and send the videos to him too, and I said sure and he handed me his phone to add myself.