I saw Jungkook on my mirror

Date: 5/4/2019

By jungcocki

I’ve been dreaming about Jungkook almost too frequently, it actually spooks me. But this dream is quite.. strange because it felt so vivid. Before the dream began, I was struggling with my usual sleep paralysis. I couldn’t move my limbs. I could only move my body when I suddenly opened my eyes and saw my own reflection in front of my mirror. The mirror on my bathroom. I stared at myself and I clearly remembered that my eyes looked different. They were golden brown, not my usual dull brown eyes. Strangely, I looked so damn attractive as I stared a little more at my own reflection, that I unconsciously kissed myself (I have no idea wtf was on my mind) . As my lips pressed on the mirror, I closed my eyes momentarily but when I opened them.. I saw another person’s face right in front of mine, with his lips connected to mine through the mirror. It was Jungkook. He opened his eyes as he pulled himself away. I remembered he was wearing the red silk shirt that he wore in their persona photoshoot.. the first version. Darn it, he looked so hot and his eyes... were different too. Their colors looked exactly like mine in that dream. I don’t know how but his hand tugged my body close to him.. making me stumble into his arms, as if the barrier called ‘mirror’ didn’t exist. But that’s when the strange dream ended. I’m still confused, what’s the meaning of that dream?