fucked up nap dream

Date: 9/21/2019

By astralArbitrary

the dreams previous to this are jagged but i distinctly remember being in orchestra (i dropped it this year) and started freaking out that i was missing early morning rehearsals despite not being in orchestra anymore, but i still thought that i had to go to those anyways. after that there was a part where i was in my kitchen and i was lamenting the fact that it was 7:30 pm on the kitchen clock/microwave and i had slept through the whole day (funny since i was already napping). then my mom comes in and says that’s its only like 3 and then points at the clock, which had changed design and showed different numbers. this one was unrelated to the other two. i was at school even though it looked different (had blue walls like my bedroom but our walls our white) and i was staring at the wall up at the board and all of a sudden i think i realized i was dreaming. this time i immediately took charge and didn’t take the time to feel my surroundings but instead i turned around and starting jogging across the room. it was askew; all of the desks, of which there were few, were separated and there were a few people milling around that i didn’t interact with. so i was half running and i faced a corner that i was walking towards and willed an anime character to appear in the corner, since i knew i was dreaming. i tried really hard but he didn’t show up. instead i felt kind of light headed and my vision faded into reddish static and my field of view dissolved into my next dreams. very lame, 0/10 stars :( my other dreams are where it got fucked up. i wasn’t lucid here. i was up on a snowy mountain top and the grinch was there. he’s not relevant but he was there doing silly things. then he disappears and a truck suddenly comes up the road that lead to this clearing. there is another truck parked outside the warehouse-like building that was here. i watch it come through a gate and this part is fuzzy but all of a sudden i’m in the backseat with three boys in the truck that was already up on the mountain. apparently this place was a correctional camp/facility or something and i was one of them? so were were all smushed into the backseat (since there were 4 of us) and we talk a lot, then the scene transitions and the truck is moving but i don’t remember a driver. i feel like they are my friends and they are very friendly and funny to be around. suddenly we’re at this house and it looks pretty abandoned. it’s like a barn with red and white peeling paint and a dark wooden inside that was filled was a lot of dusty clutter. a boy that was not with us previously (at this point there were a few more kids with us, not quite sure why or how) is poking around in there and all of a sudden i know something bad is going to happen and i scream for him not to touch something but it’s took late and a makeshift swinging blade comes down from the ceiling and slices him on the head. i don’t really see the gore but i know he’s dead. this part is fuzzy but i think a girl(?) was in there as well and she also got hurt too. then the dream dissolved and i’m back at the top of the snowy mountain, and the dream has totally reset, like it had repeated and i still remembered what happened previously. curious, i get in the front seat of the truck that was already at the warehouse and sit there, then hear an adult man tell another one to hop into the front seat of the truck so they could talk (probably the drivers?), so i hop out with an “oop” in time to see the boys arriving in the other truck. we once again hop into the truck and this time one of the boys who had dark hair gets in the front seat (apparently the two men didn’t exist or were out again) while the other 3 of us sit in the back. i was pretty friendly with them because i had met them all already in the past iteration. i talk to the boy in the front seat and say that he can come sit in the back with the rest of us, and i say, quote “my chromosomes won’t bite” (i’m female, damn why is dream me more funny than real life me). he stays there anyway and i slide over the the total left-hand-side to give everyone else more room. we talk again as the car is in motion and this time they have food that they’re eating. one of them offers me some kind of pudding thing that’s brownish cream over a bottom layer of something chocolate brown, which looks yummy but it’s image keeps flickering back and forth from delicious to looking like it was made out of greasy noodles and a gross bottom layer, so i don’t take it. i talk with them and say that i was in this repeating loop and i was afraid that i couldn’t stop them from getting hurt again. then we’re at the house again and it’s just like before— a boy and a girl are in the house while the rest of us stand outside. i remember what happened last time and scream for the boy not to touch the thing again but i’m too late again and the makeshift swinging saw comes down and slices him up again. the girl that was next to him also triggers something and a swinging wood plank comes down with a pick spike on the end that pierces through her skull. i’m screaming and two other girls that appeared in there were also screaming and then one of THOSE two steps on something and she’s hoisted up by a thick white rope in a noose around her neck. the girl standing next to her just freaks out and doesn’t know what to do since she can’t cut the rope with anything, just shakes the to-be corpse. then she dashes off to a staircase (?) that she could escape from and i wait for her to come out as she went out of sight. i can almost hear her careful, slow footsteps and once again it occurs to me that something bad is going to happen and then she starts screaming, and then i start screaming again too, louder than i have in life in a long time, as pools of blood fill my view. this is where i woke up.