Reactions to Danganronpa

Date: 2/21/2017

By BetulePendule

Dear dream diary, today I dreamed about some of my classmates reacting to Danganronpa series. It started in an IT classroom similar to one in my second school - the one in the basement. Terezie sat between Sylva and me. Johana was there as well and sat on Sylva's right. My monitor seemed too close to Terezie, so I moved it closer to me. I was searching for something when I heard Sylva and Johana criticizing Danganronpa games and Terezie joining in later. I told them that they'd have to watch more chapters to comprehend the plot's complexity and sophistication. My main goal was to convince Terezie to give it a chance. I don't remember if I was successful or not. Later that day, there was a beta test of Danganronpa V3. For some reason, Sylva and Johana came while Miroslava, a huge Danganronpa fan, didn't. They were a bit late. The room felt similar to a movie theatre. It was plain, colourless (more like grey) and empty. The only thing there besides some people was a large plasma TV. The game turned out to be a puzzle game with hexagons. There was a time limit. I didn't make it in time and lost. When I got a game over, I found myself in my room sitting at my laptop. The last part occured in a place that reminded me of a gaming-house. Terezie played a fighting game for two players, controlling both characters by herself. The characters were Hinata and Komaeda. I cried, "Don't do that to my OTP!" I don't think she stopped.