a lot of dreams

Date: 3/12/2017

By antinessa

we were at a restaurant and i found a roach in my food, and i took it back for a refund and me and you were texting, and i asked wyd and you said "just dropped off dustin babe" but i saw you at a table across from me, you were with a few guys including james and dustin having a good time, and i got up and confronted you and asked why you lied to me instead of just telling me the truth? and you said sorry and i went back to my table confused not bc you were out but bc you were with james ? and so i left and went home to my mom who was acting so mean towards me, i started crying and told her to just leave me alone and she took all my belongings and was telling me that i was stupid for being out all the time and i defended myself and told her that i was smart and as a matter of fact would be leaving in fall to california, and she got really mad and gave me back my phone and told me that id be paying for it on my own now, and i took it and left with you to a date or something and you told me you wrecked your parents car on accident.. and i got dropped back off and slept but i woke up because my instructor ended up calling me to tell me my class was cancelled today. so i went back to sleep and then i dreamt that i was in a gta life and i had killed a man, and i had a really nice sister who took me on a boat ride to canada so id never be caught, and when i got there i realized that i couldnt stop murdering people and i realized i was in a gta life and asked if i could just start all over, and they laughed at me.. it was all so vivid. i woke up another time and fell back asleep, but this one was the craziest. i was at home downstairs and lynette was downstairs and so was my brother kathy and my mom. so i heard lynette askinf if she can come with me to play and kathy rudely said no, and i heard and went off on her and kicked her out, so then lynette was here crying sl i had took lynette to the mall and we were looking real cute and happy, and i was like hey let me take you to this real cute spot that i know, so we went there and it was all the way in the back of my neighborhood, and every leaf was green except this beautiful scenery with yellow leaves , so we had to jump a fence to get there and i saw a big yellow school bus pull up, and this man who was eyeing us came out and started running towards us, i picked up lynette and ran away with her but the man was catching up to us, and finallt he caught me and was just staring at me so i called 911 and told them vaguely where i was and this man was looking at me trying to take me and they laughed and told me to go back to sleep, so i called my mom and she didnt answer, so i called bianca snd she told me there was nothing she could do, i called you and you just asked me if i was okay, and the man took me but left lynette and he wanted to pretend we were a family, and multiple times i tried to unlock the car (it turned to a car) and roll our but he grabbed my arm and didnt let me, we stopped at sonic and when the woman came to get my order i mouthed "help me" and he saw and drove away, so finally we were on the free way and i went to the backseat and unlocked the car and jumped out, and i jumped into this ocean under the free way but he ended up getting me. i was at his house and then we heard a knock and when he opened it it was the girl from sonic and she told me the police and all my family were here and i ran out to them but when i did, it didnt feel like much a relief or happiness, i texted you that i was found and you didnt even know that i had been kindapped