Weird af

Date: 8/10/2017

By littledana19

Okay so it started out scary, it was me and this woman in a white coat and we apparently were in a mental institution. We were speaking about something when we saw a guy walk around the corner. Mind you this part of the dream has happened before in another dream. Anyways the guy was huge and criminally insane, he's one of those people who hurt anyone in their reach. So me and the woman ran into a meeting room and locked the door behind us to keep him out. We grabbed this little phone from this little desk, a staff phone for emergencies, and ran to the storage room. We shut the door behind us and I kept asking her for the number of who to call so we could get help. But she just kept staring at the door. I looked up and the walls and door weren't solid, they were like those blinds, the slit ones. Anyways a few seconds later the office door opened and this group of peopl came in, whooping and all happy. They sat at the meeting desk and began chatting amongst themselves. There was a guy sitting next to us, he was the leader and tbh he looked like that Robert Pattinson guy. He noticed us inside the thing and he gave this like evil grin. He pulled the door open and the lady was yanked out hella roughly and I was allowed to stand up by myself. The guy walked away a bit and grabbed a list, starting to rattle off the things I should do or should've done before handing it to me with this cocky grin. I shoved it back to him, apparently he and I were dating and I wasn't taking any of his shit, and stormed passed him. He seemed to realise his mistake and began to follow me, talking about how he loved me and that he was sorry. I started running and I ended up running into a little bathroom. I was only in there for a moment before I felt this pain in my head and began groaning. The door slammed open and I was pulled to a chest then the dream ended.