my worst nightmare

Date: 1/24/2017

By Blake

It all started when the new kid showed up his name was josh and he looked like a kid I knew from real life but a bit bigger as soon as the girl that I liked maddy saw him they fell in love. That's when I decided I hated josh because he was the one who took maddy. Later on that month they divided they were getting married it was really weird because they were still in grade 7. somehow maybe josh wanted to just to make me jealous and if he did it fucking worked I almost cried when they kissed. she was so happy. She launched herself at him. but I clapped because if she was happy I was happy. Later on that night I saw her and went over to talk to her. I can't recall what I actually said but I'm pretty sure I was just having a normal conversation with her which was out of the ordinary. When I got back to my house I laid down and cried myself to sleep and that's when my mom woke me up. I hate her ft it but I'm pretty sure the dream will continue