Composting Spiders

Date: 2/23/2017

By Snubagaff

I'm driving in a car with someone but I am steering from the back seat over their shoulders. Someone drives the wrong way up the road, weaving between the two sides of the road. I'm told this is a common occurrence. I'm at mum's house and she's telling me I've grown and I keep telling her bullshit I'm short as fuck but then when we are in the kitchen my head starts brushing the ceiling and I'm in disbelief. I'm at the shops with mum and she tells me to go upstairs and get plastic plates which are on the 5th floor. I go upstairs but I get distracted from the plates because there's so much cute stationery on the shelves and interesting books. Mum comes up wondering why I'm taking so long and gets annoyed at me. I'm at Allara's house but it doesn't look like her house in real life. I am helping Amanda clean up in the kitchen. I bought a portable camping saucepan with a handle that folds in but I don't want it so I offer it to Amanda. She keeps asking me if it's clean and I tell her it's brand new. There is a singlet top lying on the table which looks like it would fit me. I ask Allara if it is a certain size and she doesn't know so I look at the top but the size is actually way smaller than it looks. She takes some food scraps outside with her but there is still a bit of tissue lefty in the sink so I pick it up and follow her out. She puts the scraps in the compost and I go to do the same but as I look down at my hand it turns out that I grabbed a live funnel web spider. I drop it and look down. Allara and Amanda say it's on my foot so I jump again to get it off and they're disappointed because they had told me so I could pick it up again to put in the compost. I'm at the snow at the bottom of a ski run. We walk inside but no one appears to be in ski gear. Walk into a room of people and I sit at a table with a couple of unidentifiable girls. They know Luke and act like they know me. They remind me of something that Luke did but I don't know what they're talking about. I'm wearing a big ski jacket and I'm super hot but I don't want to take it off because I have nothing on underneath. We look at the table and there is a book made it of bacon and I think it's really gross.