Walking through water with a little dog and kitten

Date: 5/24/2017

By ctrl-alt-doll

I was closing up my shop. I don't have a shop business but in the dream I do and walking away with someone. We walk past another business who had some chickens behind a fence except one had escaped. The child that was with me picks up the chicken which happens to be a black silkie and puts it behind the fence through the vertical bars.. the people yell out thank you. They were having a party. We keep walking and we walk into water. The little dog I have on a led is swimming but struggling. So I prop it up. The kitten needs to be picked up. The waters recede and we keep walking. They get deep again. The dog and kitten can swim but struggling to stay above water. I pick them up again, one under each arm. I walk on until the water recedes. I put down the dog and kitten and realise that. I lost a canvas bag and something else. The child that is with me volunteers to go and get it.