the royal war

Date: 6/6/2017

By dsthegrt

in my dream father was a warrior and he died in a war mother was pregnant with me , a had 3 elder brothers out of them the youngest was only a few months old It​ was a royal family..we had many my 2 elder brothers needed to get God gave my father another chance to live...he came back and gave them training..after their training was completed one of our rivals attacked on us father and brothers attacked on them but they were huge and it was like we were Lilliputs in front of them ....they fought their father divided our house into 2 parts which would submerge in water when detached and the other which will become a father his loyal warrior and my brothers went into the submerging part and my mother my brother were in the boat....the boat had a driver who took us to a modern world(present day place where I live ) so the mother and the 2 children started living their lives in a bit hardships but happy.