boring dream about public transport again

Date: 7/27/2019

By daisxx

was on the train at the airport and on the platform which was rly tiny there was a man that said “big oil companies be like we make less waste than small electric companies” while holding the side of the train. ? anyway the train left and the stop we needed to get off at had an embarrassing name which i wont repeat but it turns out this was direct. smh. so we got off and got on the bus back to home and the time was 21:55 / almost 10pm and it straight looked like 3 in the afternoon outside. got on the bus without a ticket because i had no money and then just walked past the machine and hoped for the best (ticket machine for the bus doesnt even exist irl ??) and then a lady ran over and said why didnt U pay anf my friend was gonna make an excuse but i was like listen luv i didnt have any change the train went direct and now im going home see u later and she was like no no no no no too implausible.... shut up ? it was definitely plausible and also the truth!!!!!