Weird suicide tradition

Date: 5/13/2019

By Fennecriver

So I guess for some reason I had a boyfriend and was hanging out with his friends swimming in a lake when one of his friends suddenly went under water and started to drown himself and would hang on to anything to keep him under and it was frowned upon or tradition or cultural taboo to interfere with someone's suicide?? All of his friends including him got too sad to stay in the lake but because he was hanging onto me to drown I wasn't allowed to leave. After he was dead he turned into a school of fish and I got out of the water and went inside where my boyfriend and his friend's family were all there for the guys funeral. My bf's friends were sad but also mad at my bf because he was avoiding me and he was the first to leave me in the water. Last this I remember was hugging one of his friends crying over the guy who committed suicide before waking up only having 30 minutes to get ready for work ;/