I went to Trisha Paytas’s mansion

Date: 2/25/2019

By pretzeling

I got to be good friends with Shane Dawson by happenstance and one day he took me in an uber going to some mystery location. We showed up at a huge mansion and we went inside. The interior was a Spanish tile style area with several hot tubs in it. He threw himself on the floor dramatically. I got the idea that this was Trisha Paytas’s mansion and sure enough she came out with an assistant. I was wearing a blue sweater and I noticed her sweater was pink and sparkly, probably way more expensive than mine. I reflected on how crazy it is that I got to be friends with Shane and that he just took me here, when I know someone who would kill to meet Trisha. I was hungry and asked Trisha if she had any extra tortillas because I had taco leftovers, and I just needed the tortillas. She said yes but seemed weirded out and gave me 2 big tortillas. I realized that I left my leftovers at home and it would be uneconomical to uber there and back so I just started eating the tortillas plain. Shane and I started to get her hot tub working but we got distracted. Trisha then became obsessed with trying to fit me for a bra. She offered me one of her bras to try on and made a big show of how my current bra didn’t fit. She made me wear my old one over the new one to show how terrible my old one was. She was kind of roasting me and forcing me to change in front of everyone but I don’t think she meant to be rude. I didn’t think she actually knew anything about bra fitting either because the one she gave me was way too big, but I was trying to be diplomatic. I asked her where she ordered her bras from and she showed me the website. It was a really trashy site that also sold XXX videos. I couldn’t even find the lingerie page because I kept getting nasty pop-ups.