Baby Brooklyn

Date: 3/12/2019

By Laurenfey

I had a baby just after Courtney I don’t know who’s it was but I had two labors and then A little baby. My mom was there at the birth helping me and then we brought the baby home and Christina watched him while I went to an appointment and grocery shopped for two hours. I came back and told my roommate I had a baby it was a total shock to everyone. I didn’t know what to do because I hadn’t prepared for anything... I tried to breastfeed but It didn’t work. Realized I had to take the baby everywhere. My mom moved to ny because we got a place together and I really liked my new room it had three windows that bet around the room and a little nursery / walk in closet by the entrance. It needed curtains because it was street level but more of a neighborhood feel like where Constance lives there were other floors in the house and they were themed, there were moving wind up little figurines on one floor that made me think this place was haunted. The twelfth room was the Wolff room and I had no interest exploring the other potentially haunted areas of the house. The baby might have fallen out of the seat slightly when I realized they) not sure what sex) were more squirmy than I had anticipated.