Water Park

Date: 1/31/2019

By Imetaphor

I'm at an indoor/outdoor water park complex. Lots of kids ranging up to my age and older are here. We're playing and enjoying the pools, fountains, and natural pools, waterfalls, and streams. Some pools can be converted into ice rinks. A bearded teacher is filling a wooded stream area up with more water. Then freezing it. This to tell us how long our theological papers beed to be. There is a pool that they need help de-icing. We find salt water sources like eye wash stations to add a little salt water to help melt the ice. The Millenium Falcon and 2 sister ships are flying near a busy space port. The traffic is so heavy and chaotic with ships flying in opposite directions, every moment is a miracle, because none of them crash. The 3 ships are friends and chat as they fly in close formation. One, Han Solo's female friend in the other ship, wants to get especially close. Han protests a little. She ends up attaching their ships together with a screw. They turn into a fish and crash land in the water park, in a Floridian looking pool near the ocean. The fish needs help and asks some kids to add an little salt water to the pool so it can get some life back, start swimming, and get out of there.