Combat and Intimate

Date: 8/24/2017

By SHeesch26

In and out as far as details and focus goes but... Myself and a couple friends (can't even remember who) were fighting for control of my childhood home against evil, older adults. We all had magical powers and the bad guys used their magic to create bunker like rooms within the walls (specifically an important one at the bottom of the basement stairs). We chased the bad guys out of the house only for them to use lava in the living room to take down the house. I attempted to stop the lava from getting to the basement do that bunker would be safe using these growing floor bars(?) that would expect and stop it. I got those in place just in the nick of time but the bad guys had destroyed the entrance to the bunker. I go upstairs to check on my girlfriend (who happens to be Kelsey G) and talk with her. Suddenly we're outside the house (outside is not like my parents yard) on the other side of a tree with my arm around her. We're talking about liking each other (might've said love) and I asked her when she was going to Europe, she said she was supposed to leave tonight but she already missed her flight. I do my best to convince her we should have some fun before she leaves then we're in a twin bed in my room (although there's a shaded window above the bed). She asks if I have a condom but then says we don't need it and then things get hot and heavy.