Pedophiles, Pilgrims and Storms in Beautiful Forests AKA the Worst Trip

Date: 7/26/2017

By TempusVernum

I had a dream that I was going on a trip from Illinois to Arizona with a few friends and their family. Once I was there, I was sharing a cab with this guy who began chasing me as soon as I got out; even running as fast as I possibly could, I barely outran him. The next day, my class and I visited an amusement park. The main attraction was a zipline that fell straight down and went at insane speeds, however, even the park had signs up that essentially said, "zipline is liable to fall apart." Now, I had told no one about crazy cab guy, so I went around my day fairly normally... until I saw him, waiting and watching for me. Immediately I took off, straight to the death zipline and got in the queue, hoping he wouldn't follow. he didn't, and I was safe for a moment up at the very top. I started taking accessories off in the hope that he wouldn't recognize me, I left a hat, glasses and jewelry. But then I got to the front of the line. Somehow, at this park, Arizona had turned into a third world country. Goats and other livestock roamed around the rusted chainlink fence serving as a boundary to the park. The zipline itself was rusted and looked ready to collapse. In order to get away from creepy cab guy, I had to do it. I jumped off the platform, whizzing down the cable at nearly vertical, holding the handbrake in hope of slowing down... and I made it. All the way to the bottom. Alive. Except now I had another issue... creepy cab guy was here somewhere. I went to my best friend and dragged her into the locker room, telling her about my experience. She wholeheartedly agreed to help me, because apparently in dream world, switching clothes with someone at least a foot taller than you and some 20+ lbs more in a better way to escape a pedophile than calling the cops. But that's exactly what we did. Without telling anyone else from our trip, we slipped out of the park, wearing each other's clothes. And thus began a sort of pilgrimage. We were out on a wide open plain, with grass higher than my waist beyond the mown path we took. Beside us, pioneer-style covered wagons rolled by, carrying families and their belongings. There was suddenly snow around us, so I did the only dream-logical thing. I threw a snowball at a wagon to deter them from drawing attention to us. Way to go Leah. The person looked startled them laughed hysterically and we ran, ending up at the end of the path which became the baggage check area of a lowly-funded airport. As we walked by the bags, we found one big enough for me to fit in, and since creepy cab man wasn't chasing my friend, she told me to hide. I curled up in the bag, barely fitting and she zipped it up. Now, I'm not claustrophobic, but this was pushing it. As the bag went through security, I realized the x-ray would detect me, so I jumped out. The family who the bag belonged to were surprised but grasiously offered to drive me to Illinois. AND SO BEGINS PART TWO At this point, I'm texting worried and angry friends and family to apologize for ditching them in another state, but eventually we stopped and I was let off. I'm not exactly sure how it got to the point of a different friend and I wandering through the forest with no supplies, but it did. And there was a storm on the way. It rumbled in the distant, huge and terrifying. This was the sort of storm that blacked out power and lifted houses off their foundation. And with the rain pelting us, we took shelter half submerged in a pond, with a drenched cardboard box over our heads. We thought we would ride out a long long night there, but then we heard voices saying, "Oh! A box! Let's hide there!" A Japanese family with two young kids lifted the box and we knew we could no longer stay there. The six of us went in search of better shelter and came across an old school, populated by what appeared to be a few other forest stragglers. I immediately started clearing out the area under a shelf for people to hide, which was a great idea to my dream self, but apparently not to the others, who refused to hide in my cave. We continued our search for a better shelter for some reason and ended up finding a church. It was nearly pitch black inside, except for some eerie colored light coming through the twilight stained glass windows. We settled inside for the night and watched an utterly gorgeous forest at sunrise, with blue-green waterfalls and mist over the treetops. I took a picture on my phone, but alas, dreams don't work like that. For a reason I cannot understand, I returned to Arizona for supplies and ended up trying to find a way back with a third friend. We couldn't fly, and taxis wouldn't go that far, so we settled on using Lyft... and then I woke up.