My friend vs. Murderer

Date: 8/20/2017

By CreepyLexi13

I had a guy friend and he lived with a bunch of people in my grandma's house (but it was their house in the dream) in my dream I kept alternating between my POV and this guy. I think that may be because the guy that was trying to kill him, killed me first. I'm not sure. The killer was my friend's sister's husband or date or something. He was too scared to tell people because he knew they wouldn't believe him, so he did everything he could to get away from him. He would scream as loud as he could while he got chased and the murderer would scream too so if anyone came in he could frame my friend. They both had girl screams too. Not like girly screams belonging to guys, it literally sounded like two girls were screaming. My friend kept subtly asking for help and no one was there for him. During one chase, my friend was literally throwing laundry at the murderer. All of the times he was chased it wasn't in the house. It was in some random area where it would've been relatively easy for the murderer to get him. When I was killed, I remember running into the computer room in my grandma's house and I got trapped against a wall and he stabbed me in the neck multiple times. Somehow he got away with killing me. My friend managed to prove to his family that the murderer was trying to kill him and they knocked him out then let my friend stab him with this little knife. It was tiny and I don't think it did any real damage at all. He stabbed him once in the stomach and two in the leg and his family was proud of him. That's when I woke up. P.S. I'm sorry this is all over the place. I typed stuff as I remembered them