Fighting to free my newborn from a turkey

Date: 8/18/2017

By KariRagnor

I left my newborn with a forest creatures while I tried to cleanse the forest of evil forces and I would come back to make sure he was all right and bring gems as payment to this giant mutated deer for babysitting. Every time I came back and the job was not completed all of the animals in the clearing room would get angry and violent. When I finally cleared the forces from the forest I came back and started to take my baby home and the giant deer told me that the turkey wanted him. I was then chased by a turkey with four toes while all the other turkeys had three toes. I lost the turkey after a few minutes and went into a school to look for the giant deer to find a way to get rid of the turkey. I kept getting lost in the hallways which only opened doors if you said certain words (GRE, success...) I woke up as I entered a library.