I was a part of a raise

Date: 5/1/2017

By icantrideabike

I was racing with Olympic champion and I was supposed to run over a mountain for two days and I had to climb the mountain and it was really easy surprisingly easy and we were running from some people or monster so I'm not sure they were bigger. We got tired of running and we went to a school to post the students in order to eat in their cafeteria and I met Manuela and I'm to Annetta there and they were mean to me and they tried to stop me from entering the cafeteria in the cafeteria I waitedI won't be cute to get my food and I was really annoyed because it was a raise and I really want to do when I started arguing with the lady that worked in the cafeteria in Italian and I spoke some Italian in my dream and I forgot some words and I asked the person I was with her if she knew them but she didn't and then I woke up