Pizza Penguins

Date: 6/19/2017

By MsBananaNanner

Working at a rental car/bank place and I'm working with a secret camera type show where we leave purses and electronics unattended and see if people take them. While some people are outside debating whether or not they're going to take my iPad and bag, I'm inside with my coworker and another customer. My coworker has a huge crush on the customer guy and is trying to tell me discreetly over phone call even though we're all in the same room. She finally gives up because I keep laughing and talking really loud and generally just making it really obvious to the guy that she likes him. I go around the counter to where she is and we're busying ourselves by reading some random sign thing on the wall. I apparently misread the sign as saying "penguin wall" except I pronounced it as "peengoon wall" and it made me laugh so hard that I almost peed my pants and I couldn't breathe. Everyone, including attractive customer guy, are just staring at me, concerned. I try to explain that it's peengoon, but they don't get it. Eventually I calm myself down enough to go outside where my family picks me up. It's my brothers birthday and we're going to go rock climbing and then bowling. For whatever reason, my brother decides to walk around the car to the other side via walking on top of the car, and my mom gets really mad...even though it was his own car. We all argue about it on the way to where we're going. We arrive at this sort of rec center, sort of farm, sort of wedding place. When we go in there are like a bunch of rooms of racquet ball courts and such but it had all been converted to host a dance competition. Everything is pizza themed. And every dance group has a dj who wears pizza pants and a pizza hat and gets the crowd hype. I decide to spontaneously join in a group and I do the robot. We were amazing everyone loved it. Then I get the genius idea to be a dj. But it's really hard to dj solo, a lot of people will do double dj's and stuff. My family leaves for whatever the big event is that's taking place, like a wedding or something, and I go exploring. I find some people organizing the awards from the dance competition so I offer to help. The girl begins by telling me to go get her a Twinkie from the food room. I'm like, okay sure, whatever. So I go to the food room which is full of pizza and wine and junk food and find the twinkies--but look around at everything else too to see if there's something I want. At little tables around the room there are all these pretentious wine professor people and they're really annoying. I take the Twinkie back to the girl and she happily takes it. Then I leave to go to the barn to find my dream-friend. I find her downstairs with some other people and we decide to make it a sleepover since it's already late and I don't feel like going all the way home. The roof, which is the floor of the top level, starts to drip, and then the leak spreads, dripping more, then it goes all the way down the length of the room. It's dripping out of the wood and spraying out of vents, and the whole ceiling is like drooping and dripping. The girl whose house/barn it is is freaking out because she thought they just fixed it. I run over to the stairs and water is pouring down everywhere there too. Then I woke myself up because I knew I had hit snooze and was sleeping past my alarm and apparently my brain thought I was going to be late for work. I had like 2 minutes until my alarm would go off again.