Scary Dream and Strange Dream

Date: 3/4/2017

By BobRossIsMyDad

The first dream I had I don't remember a lot but here is what I do remember. It was really dark and scary out and I was running up to a cluster of strange houses. I knocked on one door and then let myself in. In there was a tiny room. It had a faint red light coming from one side and a faint green light coming from the other side. There was a closet in the room that was cluttered and didn't have any real interest to me. This was all I remembered for a while so this part is still the same dream. I was sat at a dining table in an average size room that had dirty gray cloth all around the room just hanging from the ceiling and pinned to the walls. Everyone was wearing white cloth around their faces and had gaping holes for mouths. One hole monster thing set down plates for everyone that had what looked like (this part is graphic) tiny shriveled up and burnt dead babies. I heard one of those things whisper to another that "They are actually keeper keys. Don't tell them" I didn't know what to do so I ate them. Then I had kind of like a flash back almost. I was still in the dining room but everything looked scarier. There was blood on the walls and the cloth monster things didn't have any limbs and they were making this awful screaming noise. Then there was this awful awful awful creature convulsing in the middle of the table. It had freakishly long legs and gray skin. It was so skinny that it's skin looked like it had been stretched across its bones. It had unnaturally large eyes that were intensely blood shot and it didn't have any lips. Just teeth that were rotting and gray tinted with blood. Then it flashed to the room I had gone in previously and there was a little man standing in the room. He saw me then ran away. Then I went back to the real table with the cloth monster things. They were all staring at me and then I woke up. When I woke up it was about 3:00 AM so I went back to sleep. This was the next Dream. I guess I was at a camp or something because I was in a room packed with mattresses everywhere. I was with my old teacher Mrs. Cox (pause for laughter) and she was going to make us go swimming in this kid pool that she had. Now I've always been self conscious of my body so I told Mrs.Cox and she said I could wait in the cabin (which was the room with all the mattresses.) and clean. As I was cleaning I became tired and I remember that somehow I knew that the mattress I was cleaning was Lady Gaga's. I suddenly became so tired that I fell asleep on lady gaga's bed. I awoke on my mattress and asked my friend how I got here. She told me that Lady Gaga carried me. Then I woke up.