Flight from LA

Date: 7/17/2017

By vhpina

I was with my Portland roommate and we were all in the airport, it was a really strange ominous Airport in LA. the spaces were super tall and with absolutely no light getting in. I was the last one to get on the flight and I almost missed the flight. I remember getting on the plane and my seat ticket number was 100 something and I saw how far back the plane I'll went and I thought I was never going to find my seat but I turned to my left and saw my seat right there wide open two seats all to myself. I sat down in the middle and I put my seatbelt on and the plane immediately took off I remember everyone thought of it as a rollercoaster ride and I was really looking forward to the turbulence as we took off from Inner City LA. we were whining around all the buildings which looked like European style buildings colorful glazing blue and red. I remember flying under a bridge that was in between two skyscrapers and barely making it through. we landed in some City that we thought was Portland but actually wasn't and we got out and walked around what seemed to be a meditation / art Garden. It was a large park with serpentine paths. the main attraction at the Garden was called judgement day and it was a bunch of giant light blue crystals sharply extruding out of the ground and it was beautiful. on my way there I saw other sculptures that were giant sequoia tree size chunks of wood that were levitating in the air with crystals piercing through them letting in the blue light Under The Canopy of the Sequoia tree. I walked towards a giant sequoia chunk of wood that was carved out so you could walk through it can I solve in there he was pulling chunks of crystal out of the tree and showing me telling me Victor Look at all we can steal. we saw some blue crystals popping out of the Sequoia and I thought it looked pretty tasty so I took a bite and it immediately melted in my mouth Ben then pulled out a book which said it was a Crystal that would make me sick and I started spitting it out and woke up spitting on myself.