Bike theif, thank god for quick release

Date: 3/27/2019

By xCaligo

I was being chases on my bike by this homless guy who was also on a bike. I’ve seen this route in my dreams before but I’m not sure if it exists in reality. He keeps gaining on me whoch doesnt make sense because I’m pedalling really hard and hes just coasting down. He catches up and I hop the curb onto the field which reminds me of S middle school. For some reason I go even slower through the short browning grass. He tries to corral me into the baseball back stop because I jumped off my bike to run with it because that was just as fast. I stood my ground as he circled me he made a lunge with his bike in hand trying to knock me over. Instead I grabbed onto his front wheel and fumbled to find hos quick realease. I flipped it and to my relief the wheel came off really easily after that. I chucked it aside he finally caught on to what I did as I hopped on my bike and road away. I flipped him the middle finger several times saying go fuck yourself alot, which os not something I would usually do. But it felt good. I kept moving tell I got to the next big street then took a left and doubled back to some park.