Hawaii job hunt

Date: 8/29/2019

By lauriemae

I went to Hawaii for vacation. I somehow got a new boyfriend that lived there with his parents. They said I could stay with them until I could get a job and have money to move out. Not sure where Jason or my family went, I'm assuming they went home. I went to find a job and ended up in a seedy part of town. I saw a girl who I assumed to be a hooker talking to some guys in a van. I could only see one guy but somehow I knew there were a couple more in the van. Then they started to harass me. I kept walking and met up with the hooker from earlier. The guys wouldn't leave us alone. We ended up meeting up with a group of hookers on scooters and we told them these guys were bothering us, they got the guys to go and leave us alone. I made it back to my boyfriend and told him what happened. He seemed like that was a normal thing. It must have been the next day after this because I went job hunting. I knew I had to get a job quick or I would have to go back home to Washington. I went to grocery stores and got job apps and went in to a target. I asked for a job and said I would take just about any job. They tried to give me a job of cleaning bathrooms. I said no, but any other job. So they gave me the fitting room job. I jumped at the job and knew it was crappy, but better than nothing and I could always find a better one later. When I was leaving I saw an old friend, Rick Weaver. He was just starting PD dialysis. For some reason it was at the Target and he was just learning how to do it. So I gave him tips and pointers since I used to do the same dialysis. I also had a bunch of money on me and not sure where I got it. I thought I only had a couple of $20 bills but when I went to count it I had a couple $100 bills and a few $500 bills. But I knew it would go quick without a job. Somehow in my way out I met up with some dancers and got a job with them. I had to learn all of their names and was writing them down. Then my cat jumped in me and woke me up.