Stone beauty

Date: 4/9/2019

By larrybestboi

my mom said to my little brother and I that we could go to chunky Cheese wha she took a business call.So I get my brother ready for the “fun day” and chunky cheese is in walking distance so My brother takes his bike BAD IDEA. So when we got there we went to the new bouncy house that was a real house.we play for an hour and then I see this lady who is kinda drunk and she is smoking. Then my brother wanted to show me a trick flip,so I watch him.then the drunk lady gets in the house and sits down and puts her somoke on the table. I rush my brother out of there as fast as I can. I take his hand and we jump out the bounce house window of the top floor of the the three floor bounce house.i land on one of the bounce mats that Chunky Cheese had placed down so you can get in and out safely.we where safe. I see ambulances zoom down the road accompanied by police cars. My brother and I never walked before,so we took the back way.He is on his bike with the worlds most biggest smile on his face as he rides his bike.Then I see a village with a bunch of stones. Stone praying walls as well. It is a very religious village. I walk beside my brother biking. We head on a stone made bridge. I look up (it was a pretty high bridge) I see people with landrey baskets. The women where waring wite long dresses with a brown chest buckle they the women wore long time ago to make there apprience smaller and skinny.The men where in long wite pants that went to there ankles.A brown leather chest plate,small.They where all very jolly people.the landscape had a few huts.A beautiful stream,Lots of stones and flowers too.We are walking to an isolated are of land as we head further. A tree,Omost dead but holding on to the only life it can contain. There where to stone walkways, and a greeter. One stone walkway is black. One wite. I figured it to be a heaven and hell sorta thing.I stumbled back.He says chooses. The little one doesn’t have to, but you do. He said in a very deep voice. I am shook cuz this is so sudden. I choose the wite one. It hade very smooth stone. He put his staf to the air and it started to rain.