Fake Shrooms and The Red Menace

Date: 3/4/2017

By LionFoot65

Last night I decided to eat some cheese before going to sleep again. I also decided to ejaculate before going to sleep which did help me in terms of how fast I could go to sleep. I went to sleep at around 11:00 and woke up at like 5:30. I remember that in that dream my teacher was selling magic mushrooms covered in chocolate and caramel. I remember how delicious they tasted when I ate a medium sized one although it didn't really have any effect on me which could explain why my teacher was selling fake magic mushrooms and not the ones that make people trip. Although she did agree there was therapeutic potential for them in my dream lol so idk. I also remember being at this airport with a couple of people who claimed to be scientists. After I went to sleep after 5:30, I had another series of dreams that started with my lame English teacher telling us about how he used to life guard at this lame place he used to work at. He told us that he thought there were gonna be hot girls on the sandy parts but there never were. Then the scene changed and this group of scientists were doing their work in a certain building when there was suddenly an a series of explosions that caused many of the scientists if not all to die. I remember witnessing how many of the people died in falling elevators and explosions. During that horrific event I remember not feeling bothered by it but watching it as if it was a movie. It was later discovered that the culprit for the series of "accidents" was caused by a really badass assassin dream character known as The Red Menace or Red X for short. He had a kind of cartoon Dead Pool suit and a completely red mask with hexagons on it. I also remember that his suit was mostly black and red with gray on his back too I think. I also remember that he had similar powers to Slade Wilson/Deathstroke except he was 10x stronger in my dream. I remember how he was able to outsmart a group of cops and then catching them in a red net which he then proceeded to hang them and shoot their heads off as they died in terror. In my last dream I remember driving to the neighborhood pool and bar and making lots of mistakes along the way by almost crashing into cars a couple times. When we got to the pool bar, there was this really beautiful woman that everyone was flirting and teasing with. I remember she had a pink sweater and dress, black hair, was a little thick and looked hispanic. I think she was there with her daughter or maybe friend lol. When I woke up, I tried to imagine how I could defeat Red X if I was lucid using my own super powers.